Travel Lust

It starts at the deepest pit of my belly, like tiny fluttering lights cast by fireflies. Eventually this fills my entire body, from the soles of my feet to the crown of my head, until it’s radiating with this overwhelming sensation. The pulsing light inside me then turns into a smile. I only get this particular smile when I travel to a new place.

I’m considered one of those people who can be called a wanderlust. It’s a person who constantly has a strong desire to travel about and see new things. Travel for someone in my profession can have its perks and setbacks. With all the exposure, opportunities to travel are much more within reach; all the while, any trip I choose to take is always taken with extreme caution. The brightest side is the thrill I get to harness through adventures and exploring unfamiliar places. Airports become like a second home. Packing becomes second nature.

The feeling of “loneliness” becomes more of a comfort. When I travel alone, I am exposed to a unique self-realization gained from the heightened senses I’m forced to use when surrounded by people and places foreign to me. It’s the enlightening realization of knowing you can survive anywhere on your own with a sense of wonder, compassion and a smile.

As soon as I enter any hotel at check-in, I search the rack of tourist pamphlets and choose at least one thing I could do to make the most of my time, wherever I am. I like to go and do touristy things that make me feel surrounded by people from all walks of life. It’s humbling and exciting to be in an unfamiliar place with nothing to rely on but the money in your pocket and  your instincts.

Did I forget to mention, I absolutely love traveling alone. It’s a time for me to be whoever I want, out of my conditioned element. Completely raw, wandering around streets I’ve only seen in textbooks or in maps, I am in full explorer mode. Think about it:

  • New restaurants to try just by using the many different apps there are,

  • souvenirs to collect from crazy different places,

  • talking to random people and asking for directions.

I must admit it’s heartwarming to be able to share the experiences with a friend every now and then. In my industry, unfortunately, we don’t always get to travel with many “friends” because we’re almost always booked separately. There’s the test of independence. How much fun can you have on your own? How comfortable are you with yourself?

I am fortunate enough carry the rare trait of curiosity that makes travel a joyous occasion. If I am stable in one place for too long, this wave of longing and desire crashes over me until I feel theres no air left breathe… until I leave. So I do my best to create opportunities to travel. Whether it be for films or pure fun, I book both a plane and hotel ticket, and take off with no regrets. Every time I go, I come back with more memories, filled with gratitude, and more refined, every time.