To Baby, or Not to Baby

Updated: May 25, 2019

Working in the adult film industry, you may find yourself having lots of sex. When you have lots of sex, you run the high risk of getting pregnant. So what do you do? Choosing the right birth control has always been a challenge for me.

There are over 20 different kinds of birth control, according to, that prevent contraception. I’ve tried so many but have struggled to fall in love with one in particular.

  • I don’t like things that guys can feel; it ruins the intimacy.

  • I don’t like things that cause hormones to go haywire.

  • I don’t like the responsibility of scheduled birth control; having to set alarms, make doctor appointments at specific times of the year or anything like that. I’m a busy lady!

I’ve tried the first and oldest form of birth control… abstinence (lol). Obviously that won’t work in my current lifestyle. I’ve tried taking The Pill but I’m not a routine person. Those things you have to take, at the same time, every day. I’ve tried The Shot-Depo and like I mentioned before, when it comes to stupid side affects, I’m not on board. Everyone has a different experience with birth control shots. What concerns me is this method’s unpredictability. Count me out.

I’ve tried the NuvaRing (vaginal ring) that goes inside and is left there for a while. A dude can definitely feel that if he’s really getting into motion. I like to be a little considerate, you know? This method also causes hormonal changes from releasing its chemicals into your reproductive areas. Once again, I’m out.

Condoms are always cool! I’ll have to admit to having used emergency contraception or The Morning After Pill. It’s just so convenient; I call it the vitamin that “takes care of it“. However, I would never recommend popping those like actual vitamins.

Personally, I won’t go as far as saying, “Screw Reproduction!” and get my tubes tied. I have miraculously found something I think will be a great decision for how I live my busy, unpredictable life. Plus, I can stay in tune with the monthly rhythm of my body. I’m trying out the copper IUD Insertion which is non-hormonal and lasts up to ten years. It’s inserted into the cervix, so we’ll have a deep connection. That also means that no guy could possibly feel it up there and you’re guarteed a good time.

I believe in this new method, so I’m going to stop playing around and get it done! Anything could happen when you have an extremely active sex life and I am committed to taking as many precautions as possible.

After having the procedure, I experienced brutal cramps, fatigue, and temporary emotional chaos. That only lasted about 24 hours after insertion; the body’s got to get used to the foreign object that was just placed inside! Overall, I’m glad I went through with it. I now wear a shield of protection from preggo scares at all times.

I drink lots of kombucha probiotic drinks, take yeast prevention supplements, do regular kegel exercises, even down a shot of apple cider vinegar every now and then. Birth control is most important in the health and safety of anyone sexually active. It’s really just about taking control of our own life plans.