Spa Night Sleepover

This past weekend my girlfriends Brittney and London met up with me at a wellness spa here in Atlanta. London had been only once before and it was Brittney’s first time, whereas I go pretty often. We agreed to do it the way I suggested, in the late evening, planning to fall asleep there and leave first thing in the morning.

Going to these 24-hour wellness spas are so relaxing, super beneficial, and completely change your perspective on whatever you’re battling in life. When you take a break like the one we did, you’re forever transformed.

Setting the Foundation

We met there around 9 pm. When you first enter the locker room, there are wet saunas that feature hot showers, jacuzzis, and a steam room. No clothes are allowed in this part of the spa, so we started there to rinse ourselves of anything we carried in with us. That’s the best way to start.

We shared a body scrub I’d made myself out of sugar, shaved lemon peels, almond oil, and cinnamon. So after a good body scrub, a dip in the jacuzzi and a proper steaming, we were all settled in nicely.

Melting Into Space

In the area that the dry-heat saunas are in, it is co-ed. Men and women can both attend this spa, and only the wet sauna areas are separate. There are options of many different kinds of dry-heat saunas: jade, salt, clay or gold plated saunas. Each offering their own degree of heat and elemental healing. The salt sauna is my absolute favorite, emitting the perfect temperature for a detoxifying sweat breakout.

There’s a cafe that stays open until about 2 am. We ordered veggies from the grill and tried new Korean ice-cream desserts. Any amount of munchies can be effectively satisfied with the variety of the menu. After eating well, we were ready to make our sleeping spaces to lie down and eventually fall asleep.

Mats and pillows are provided, although covered in plastic. You never really mind because by that time you’re too relaxed to care. You also get a soft blanket fresh from the laundry.

Healing Realizations

Before falling asleep, we had an inspiring conversation about the desire we share to stop unconsciously speaking defeat over own lives. We often shut down the possibility of something good to happen, just by speaking negative, limiting words aloud; like “I hate when…” “I’ll never…” It will take years…” “he/She might not…” “I can’t…”

We have to practice the skill of switching limiting thoughts to more positive, optimistic ones. It really does open up new doors to new worlds. When we give ourselves the space to shine more light on our lives, instead of accepting those habitual thoughts that leave us stagnant and don’t inspire growth.

It was a large meal for thought and I’m glad we talked about it. It was the cherry on top of a great time at the spa. After falling asleep around 1 am and waking up around 7, I felt as fresh as morning dew.

Brittney was up already, getting work done on her laptop. She’d been having a creative block that was lifted after relaxing so intensely the night before and she felt inspired to get things done that morning. London woke up next to me, feeling just as recharged and ready to take on anything.

The best part about the spa, you all, is that it’s only $30 to enter and enjoy the facility. That’s the truth! When I meet people who haven’t had an overnight spa experience, I encourage them to go as soon as possible. It’s an experience everyone should make time for at least once.

Don’t allow the stress to build up. There are so many benefits to visiting a day spa. Take time for yourself and love yourself first, so you can love others as well.