Shoots and Ladders

At the beginning of my adult film career, friends would always ask me what it’s like to be on a film set. Not at all satisfied with an answer like “great” or “so cool”, they usually want the full picture painted using every last detail. I realize, however, as time passes and people change, so does the experience.

Before any shoot, there are millions of nervous thoughts and overwhelming anxiety that I undergo from the expectation of meeting new people and wanting to make the best first impression. That part, I think, won’t change much. From the moment I arrive at the doorstep of a location I’ve most likely never been, to being greeted by a staff member, the  constant thoughts that hover like hummingbirds are “Be your best self!” “Give firm handshakes”, and “Don’t forget to smile”. First impressions are everlasting! I suppose, after so long, you learn what’s most important to make first impressions more memorable

One thing I have learned is that in order to climb the ladder of success in any field, we must be willing to become experts in our craft. A great shoot day is one where I have had an energizing breakfast, plenty of sleep the night before (which can really make or break; not just because of lethargy but skin so gross even makeup can’t fool the camera), I’ve packed all the little things that provide maximum comfort: robe/blanket, speaker for music, requested wardrobe options, favorite lubricants, etc., and occasionally there may be a script to read in advance. Sounds like a lot for one day? I know.

Working on a film set is all about working as team member. Every one has they’re role to play the best he or she can, in the one day we all come together, to create something spectacular called pornography. Shoots are always best when every person takes on his or her task with a full intent to knock it out of the park. Directors love performers who

  • Listen to direction without repetition

  • Are attentive

  • Can deliver the vision they are working towards

After all, everyone involved (viewers included) simply want the best performance. That is achieved through maintaining good health, having a positive attitude, and enjoying the overall experience. The chemistry shared behind the curtain definitely shows throughout the final production, when all is exposed.

Photos by: Chris Strokes