My Top 9 Songs to Have Sex To

Sex to me has always been not just physical, but highly spiritual, during the best of times and, unfortunately, even the worst of times. So this post is about the songs I believe bring out the highest, most pulsating radiance of goddess, nature vibes during the sacred act, in my experience.

Here are the singles, albums and vibes I feel take the act of intertwining bodies to another level, indefinitely:

9 by Willow & SZA

This song is a soulful serenade, and with its tranquil rhythm, hypnotizing my partner comes quite easily. We both have the potential to become entranced under this song's spell.

slow, rhythmic jazz instrumental playlists

Taking it back to the classics, these songs make me think of old-school black and white movies that show the woman dropping her skirt, while the camera is panned down to her ankles; Hinting that the couple would have passionate sex on a feather bed wearing only their diamonds and pearls.

All of Sabrina Claudio's albums

I discovered this sensual siren just last year and have been smitten ever since! Her seductive vocal tones flow through my entire being, so any special person I'm near reaps the benefit of that intimate projection.

the Inscape album by Alexandra Stréliski

Alexandra is my favorite living pianist and composer. Her Inscape album is a masterpiece of songs ranging through all phases of pure emotion. And so, it's a great album for those longer, special occasion, haven't-seen-you-in-a-while kind of sex-sessions.

SKIN by Rihanna

This one's been a favorite of mine since its release in 2010, when I was a senior in high school. Yes, I was already hip to the mood-setting game, and this was one of my go-to's. Ten years later, it still is.

Closer by Kings of Leon

Baby-making-music isn't strictly R&B. This song's ghostly seductions excites the deepest of emotions, creating a pulsating passion every time it hits the ear. While this song is playing, I always feel an undeniable sense of two bodies becoming one.

Free by 6LACK

I love this one especially for morning sex. It's a slow-rhythm, low-tempo song, but highly energizing once the act is initiated. Believe me, I always feel "freer then I've ever been"

Arch and Point by Miguel

The title speaks for itself. Some of the best times I've ever experienced with a sexual parter where ones I got to show of my flexibility and years of training as a ballerina. When sex becomes art, it will never be forgotten.

Body and Soul by Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse

The makeup-sex song of all make-ups. It's a snazzy love ballad of commitment and sincerity that I can't help but melt over.

I hope these songs make their way into your intimate life (wherever it may be, and whoever it may be with) and add a little more fire than there was before.

Happy Lovemaking!