Movies & Moving

Updated: May 25, 2019

I’ve recently moved to a brand new apartment, for the fourth time, since starting in the adult film industry three years ago. It’s a cute European “flat-style” apartment in the middle of busy West Hollywood. It’s a place, I think, everyone in cinema dreams of ending up eventually in Los Angeles.

I’m very comfortable here, but I can not deny that it has been quite a journey. After leaving the university I attended about five years ago, I lived in Atlanta, Georgia with my family.

We were going through some pretty tough times around then, and I was a waitress turned stripper. I danced, in Atlanta, for almost a year and eventually made myself cozy in a place of my own there.

Thinking back, I hated the night scene. I wasn’t satisfied with my situation and became hungry for drastic change (as I tend to do every blue moon).

After some time, I met a girl who introduced me to my first adult film agent. He lived in Miami, so that’s where I went.

My prayers were answered! So without a second thought, I picked up everything to start a new adventure in tropical Miami, Florida. I had a great experience living with other industry girls in what is known as a “model house“. Eventually, I moved out and into my own nest off the famous Biscayne Boulevard.

The girls and I would plan trips to Los Angeles, where the big movies are made. We would go back ad forth from Miami to LA, at least once every other month, sharing hotel rooms and take out food.

We were determined to network and move up the industry ladder. One by one, we were picked off by LA film agents and I, personally, found myself transitioning into the city scene. Once I was signed to an agency and sure of my place in California, I hurried back to Miami and arranged for the next big move.

Moving cross-country is scary and unpredictable. Being from the South, I have no close relatives on the West coast and moving here was one of the hardest challenges of my life, so far. It’s like, “How bad do you really want to be here in this foreign place?”

I’ve had to jump through all kinds of hurdles, sleep in cars, and ration one meal per day. Once you get your feet wet though, it’s all worth it. I’ve made a large network of friends in my two years of Californication and fellowship goes a very long way. That’s how I was able to move into my current pad “for the low” ( a really good deal).

My first place here was in a community complex off a major freeway in North Hollywood that was ridiculously expensive. They say the cost of living in Los Angeles is crazy in general, but I was just being frivolous shacking up in a place so extravagant. I wanted a fancy pool, community gym, high security, & centrally located place for myself. That’s not too much to ask, plus I was at a high point in life.

I can see now that I was doing a lot more spending than saving. So after much dialogue and fellowship, I manifested the opportunity to move again.

This will be my second nest in LA, where I’m even closer to the film scene, I pay less than half of what I used to for rent; plus I live across from an awesome park and weekly farmer’s market. I always say that the universe will push us in the direction we are suppose to go, we only have to be willing to submit to change.

Moving from place to place is not the warmest cup of tea. However, flexibility and determination are key if you want to see your dreams become reality.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. Lao Tzu