Letter to My Father

Father’s Day 2018

Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter.    -Joseph Addison

Dear dad,

I’ve always loved you, even when people would talk you down for not being involved in my life, growing up. I never held any hate in my heart toward you, because somehow I always understood that you are half of who I am. Even though I didn’t know you (your favorite things, what you do when no one’s watching, how you like your eggs), I knew that traits I possess, that couldn’t have possibly come from my mother, had to have been given by you. The way my mind races in a million different directions at every second of every day; my burning addiction to knowledge; my untamable ambitious nature. Although, I do wish I were guided by you. I wish you and I had a relationship where I could have shared these qualities with you and not have felt isolated or confused by them. It’s okay. Now that I’m older, I embrace every odd, widely misunderstood uniqueness of my making; simply feeling blessed that you loved my mother so much that I was the outcome. Everyone says you were a genius. You even graduated from Harvard University itself. Even though I’m not collegiate, I’m extremely studious in my own right because of you. But, I don’t feel I have to prove myself to you at all. When you walked this earth, you always seemed so happy just to hear my voice. Of course you were interested in my achievements and plans for the future, but I never felt like you expected anymore more than my genuine happiness. I’ve embarked on wild journey that very few would dare to travel. So, I hope you’re proud of the woman I’ve managed to blossom into from the muddy water I’ve been dealt to grow from. I’m determined to be the finest representation of someone who could undeniably be called your daughter. I hope that you, yourself, are at peace; wherever your journey has taken you. Although you were called from this world, you remain in my heart, my thoughts, my dreams and my reasoning. I love you, dad.

Until we meet again.

Your daughter,