I Got The Role! ... Now What?

For the past four months, I've been putting both feet forward to fully live a mainstream acting lifestyle. Between taking three-hour classes at a professional studio once a week and going on audition, after audition, after audition, I've had the eye of the tiger.

In order to be picked up by professional acting agents, they have to see that you've done the work on your own; that you're serious about acting, and not just a pretty face. After gaining some momentum and getting better with training, I landed my first role as a girlfriend character in a SCAD student film.

It was so surreal to finally have been casted. Being on set with the crew was a lot to take in. The set included lighting technicians, a boom-mic guy, schedule keeper, set designer, all the other cast members and, of course, the director. I was so ecstatic I could have bursted, but I kept my cool. I was just so happy to be doing what I love, with my clothes on.

I wonder if any of the crew members recognized me from porn? If they did, I wouldn't know. No one said a thing. Everyone, from my standpoint, was grateful to be working on the project and everyone was dong their part well. There's also a private Instagram account I've created for family and the mainstream film industry that I exchange when I meet new people, so there was no need to even bring it up.

My goal is to build a resume that shows I have done and will continue to do the work well. I want to be so good, that I can't be ignored or dismissed. I want to have a strong foundation to stand on when I am faced with adversity. I don't know what I'll face, really, but I'll be strengthened through the person I'll prove myself to be.

Shooting with the SCAD film crew was a catalyst for the greatness I believe awaits me in the future. Really, I have no clue what that may be specifically, because the road I'm going down has never been traveled before. At least not by a black woman, and although terrifying, I'm willing to do it anyway. It's as if I'm being guided by a force much greater than my own comprehension.

The future I can see is one of great courage. I'll be breaking boundaries, paving the way for others to follow without fear. I see myself working on groundbreaking projects with other visionaries in the industry. I see growth, love, encouragement, honesty, and the dispelling of many taboos. Just thinking about it now makes my heart beat faster.

It's that thought that will keep me going, no matter what. I've now been cast in not one, but two stage plays. Playing the lead in both, I plan to execute my roles with fiery passion. I have been blessed with an opportunity to shine in a new light. Both roles require strong theatrical singing, and that's not something I've been able to show in the past. So, I'll be belting my heart out.

This is part of my story now. What a colorful one it's been. My body vibrates with hope for serendipity. Now, let the chips fall where they may.