Green Hawaii Flowers

We met on a blistering cold January morning at six, while the sun hadn’t even begun to peak its head yet. Four women had an earthshaking idea to come together and create the first display for Green Hawaii Flowers; an art collaboration project founded by my good friend, Lauren Jenkins.

When I asked Lauren what her vision’s all about, she informed me, “Green Hawaii Flowers creates art concepts that bridge indigenous human customs into contemporary lifestyle. It’s a feeling, it’s harmonious, it’s femme and it’s from the loving parts of the soul.”

I was delighted to be a part of this project as the model featured in full body paint. Body paint artistry is a step outside of standard “point-and-shoot” print modeling. It takes many hours to paint a entire body, from head to toe, and use precision in each brush stroke. As a porn actress, I’m transparent in my ability to be nude around other people. Needless to say, I was quite comfortable during the process, and grateful for the studio’s heating system.

We came together in a large studio of the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles, California; ready to work as long as it took to complete. Everyone involved played a critical role in creating this vision; from hair design, to set creation, capturing images, and refining the body paint, itself.

My hair was sculpted by a gifted artist named Leslie Wisdom. She used leaves, flowers, and even wall decorations in the molding of my eccentric headpiece. It was difficult to keep the hair design, or “hair sculpture”, from tilting and sliding over. Leslie told me to keep my head steady and think of it as a crown. From then on, it never shifted.

Lauren Jenkins, the painter, covered my entire body in a style that matches all her other popular canvas pieces. The girls all chimed that I looked like a “Lauren painting” come to life. It was thrilling for me to see myself transformed into a literal work of art. I was a walking, talking canvas to be colored. Each woman thrived in her own, unique talent developing the project into something spectacular.

Sadiyya Ameena, the photographer, caught each intimate moment we shared throughout the day, using her unparalleled photography skills. The way she captured our interactions, debates, and laughter truly portrayed a memorable story. After all, we were four women who knew very little about each other, combining our strengths on this one, fateful day. The final prints revealed to be more breathtaking than I imagined.

All three other women were vegans; one, a raw vegan. When ordering lunch, they ordered from a popular, vegan delivery joint and pleaded that I have an open mind, and stomach. Unbeknownst to them, I was already enthralled by the offer and enjoyed every bite of what they’d ordered for me. After that day, I followed a vegan diet, myself. Although, my commitment only carried me for four months. I did enjoy the health benefits and learning experience. I’ll always be a true, carnivorous, Southern belle.

Artist are often isolated introverts, due to their passion or immersion into their craft. For creators to come together and express new ideas, share new ways of living, and create unrivaled works of art is a priceless, mind-altering experience. I’m grateful to have been brought together in divine fellowship and feminine creativity, with these dynamic individuals.

photos by: Sadiyya Ameena