Finding Your Way, While Traveling

Every so often, I tend to get lost in the motions of a routine I’ve created. Recently, I found myself flowing with the rise and fall of waiting on a shoot assignment, hanging out with friends and sleeping in between. The routine of sporadic work, random leisure time, and loads of Netflix bingeing began to sink in all too deep. If I catch myself wading through steady water, I’m prone to create drastic change; Hence, my decision to travel through Europe for an entire month.

My goal was to reconnect with myself in a way that can only be achieved when separated from what I know. With the money I’d saved up from the last four years of porn acting, I hastily booked a roundtrip ticket to the East.

As I was 5,000 miles overseas, many challenges arose that I was forced to handle with pure survival skills. It was interesting to see what kind of person came out in those genuine moments.

Lauren Miles of The Travel Project says that traveling forces you to use your voice, become a better navigator and step outside your comfort zone. There’s also research that explores all the ways travel can be extremely life changing.

I was faced with obstacles like language barriers and figuring out foreign train schedules. Imagine the challenge of communication. I had to summon the courage to walk up to strangers and ask questions, map in hand. “Do you know where this restaurant is, from here?” “Could you tell me where this train is headed, per favore?”

Eventually, I was led to download the Speak and Translate language app. It was a godsend. It was also interesting to see what type of people I attract.  When you think about it, it’s usually a direct reflection of yourself.

Reflections come in so many forms. I observed mine in the type of food I ate and was wiling to try. I could even reflect on how I chose to spend my time. I’ve kept all my receipts and ticket stubs for concrete evidence of my movement throughout my journey. Looking back, I’ve become more understanding of who I am and what unique skills I possess.

Sometimes, we all could use a reminder of what makes us supremely special in this world. I was able to get aligned with my core self, while traveling with no guide, no schedule, and no expectations. There’s a slight shift in conciseness that occurs when accomplishing such a challenging feat. I’d say that I’m much more confident even in my own existence.

I’m confident in my abilities to influence people and create change. I’ve gained this sort of self-assurance by simply taking a huge risk and overcoming all obstacles along the way. After this journey, I truly feel like I can influence my environment in many positive ways.