Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

You are a diary, aren’t you? I haven’t been sharing, I know. So let’s catch up. Right now, I’m sitting at a desk in my studio apartment in Los Angeles, listening to Norah Jones, drinking ginger beer out of a glass bottle. Since we last spoke, I’ve done so much! There are too many stories to tell all at once, so I’ll dish one story at a time. My goal is to  become much more comfortable with writing about an experience I know is worth the read.

Where would I even begin? Recent days have been a huge roller coaster ride, between filming sexy movies, attending a family reunion, and just taking the time to do laundry. After visiting family in Louisiana this past weekend, I went on a long and humbling journey through two airports landing me home last night at 1 A.M. Regardless of the lack of sleep I probably got, I woke up at 8 and fell back into my normal routine. Routine meaning: wake up, stretch a bit, drink some water, hobble to the bathroom, brush my teeth,  wash my face, throw on some clothes, brush my hair, do a little makeup and exit the premises.

Not every day is a day that has room for a morning jog at the park. Today, after flowing into the morning norms, I met up with a group of Buddhist friends to chant. We chanted (prayed) together for about 30 minutes before ending in encouraging dialogue. They’re always asking me what it is I’m struggling with and trying to find ways to support my goals. I always love showing up to these houses where people from all walks of the earth get together on a couple of couches, crisscrossed on the floor, and sitting on fold-out chairs to keep the flame of peace ignited in each other.

Leaving with a sense of enlightenment and feeling very refreshed, I drove out to visit my girlfriend who also happens to be a hair-stylist. She agreed to wash, dry and re-do my weave. That means: cut out the old extensions with tiny scissors, wash the old extensions in the sink, allow them to dry, undo the braids the extensions were attached to, wash my natural hair, blow dry my natural hair and trim the dead ends, make new braids for the now dry extensions, sew in the extensions from bottom to top, and ta da! Yes, it is a lot. After about six hours of hair regimens and “Say Yes To The Dress” re-runs, my crown was fully restored.

Now I’m sitting here with my chamomile tea, nodding off at the keyboard. I must be exhausted. However, I wanted to get something jotted down in this diary tonight and that’s what I have managed to do. I really want to share more, diary. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories I have locked away waiting to be revealed. Until next time, goodnight.