Dating App Dilemma

It took me two dates to realize that dating apps are not for me, at all. I used the Bumble app to experiment and see how I do on dates overall. I noticed the different ways I’ll respond to those typical first date questions, and how it makes me feel to connect with a total, handsome stranger. My goal was to put myself out there, for the simple sake of being out there.

Having gone through the process of starting app-messaging conversations, and eventually arranging a meet-up somewhere fun, (I think) the dates went fairly well. However, I feel as if I’m spinning in a world of randomness I created. It feels daunting to choose a date based on the attractiveness of his online profile; with basic details like: age, occupation, pet-owner status, and a limited self description.

I like to keep myself busy, working toward my goals I’ve yet to reach and striving hard to get to that point where I feel full of the light from my personal mission being fulfilled. My thought right now is, that I’ll run into the right people to date as long as I continue to be steadfast in my determination to be a better person, follow my vision, and radiate the love I have for myself .

The feeling I don’t get from dating apps is finding the image I have of my ultimate match in my mind; how he’ll be someone I meet along this next journey and is willing to walk with me, as if we were meant to bump into each other, build each other up, become besties and tie the knot.

I could totally see that happening through trying over and over again, dating as many matches from the app it takes to find a good fit. And hey, at least I tried, twice. A friend of mine suggested, “You know, the third time’s the charm!” But some of my strengths are reading/analyzing energy and being able to tell if what I’m doing is not for me (AND THEN LISTENING TO THAT VOICE)

When I close my eyes and imagine someone eligible enough to be the partner of a girl like me ( fast-paced, entertainer, creative thinker, freedom chaser) no physical features automatically come to mind, but I see a man who’s knowledgeable in the crafts of art and entertainment; whether it be technical, business, or knowledge of entrepreneurship.

I imagine we’ll meet when our lives are perfectly aligned to receive each other, notice we’re a team forged by a divine force, and lock it all down as the search comes to a beautiful close. That may seem like a fairy tale expectation, but I know that miracles happen all the time when we are aware of the clues given to us each day; and use them to make the right choices.

The app is super easy to use to find dates fast and get yourself out there. I took my time creating a profile showing off photos that will attract the type of guys I’m in interested in meeting. So needless to say, I have had a pleasant experience using the app and its conveniency. Unfortunately, I’ll have to go back to my high hopes, lucid dreams, prayers, and sacrificial offerings to be aligned with the guy I’m meant to walk beside.

I know he’s out there, I just need to work harder toward becoming the woman I see myself blossoming into. While on this journey, I’m confident, open-hearted, receptive and heavily convinced, without a doubt, that we will meet when the time is undeniably perfect for the both us.

Wish me luck on my hunt for the Will to my Jada.