Packing up to move has really been rocking my boat. Between having thumb wars with packing tape and taking giant leaps over cardboard boxes, I’ve been in a cluster of sorts. At a dinner party, I’ll put on a sweet face and convince everyone that everything’s peachy; As if my clothes aren’t all strategically packed away. Moving is a bitch I like to handle with poise and a hair flip.

I started packing about two weeks ago, looking up tips online and making boards on Pinterest. I chose Sundays to donate my household items and old clothes that would categorize me as a hoarder. I’d ask myself, “Is this something you want to take on your new journey?” If not, I’d part with it in the hopes it will make someone else very happy.

It’s been so surreal; Boxing up my apartment like a dwarf, all the while accepting Snow White’s invitations to brunch. Marni Amsellem, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at Smart Health Psychology, says that even though moving can be exciting, exciting things are often fraught with stress. One way I’ve always managed stress is through meditation.

At the start of every morning and the dusk of every evening, I stop and center myself in preparation for life’s many challenges. With eyes closed, I like to pause and envision the world working around me. With each deep breath, I draw in strength from an inhale and exhale weakness, doubt and worry.

The bright side is where I want to stay. I’ve been looking toward the light at the end of the tunnel.  If my neighbors peeked through the towers of stacked boxes, they’d find me dancing naked to house music getting high off black permanent markers.

There’s a calm eye at the center of this storm because I’m secure in knowing it’s all going to be okay post move. I know I’m moving toward something greater than what I have now; Something I can’t reach if I remain in this current situation. So I’m boxing up and letting go.

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