Anya's Day Off

I was scheduled to do a photo shoot today with a company that booked me all the way from Sweden! Unfortunately, shit happens, and my agent called me early this morning to tell me that plans had changed. Whatever. I always try and go with the flow, so I totally took advantage of this day off.

When I got the call, I was already active in my workout gear from taking a walk, so I just decided to do a full workout I normally wouldn’t have time for. After gaining all that freaking adrenaline, I ended up mopping my kitchen floor, vacuuming, taking out garbage and sage-cleansing my apartment, ( I had a house guest last week). Crazy right?

By the way, I’m a part of the anti-roommate coalition. I love living in my own space to cater to my introverted side. I prefer animals! So with no one in my ear to influence my thoughts, my creative juices were flowing without limitation. Looking back, I got so much “me-stuff” done through today’s solidarity: Read chapters of my book, took some cool photos of myself, put on a face mask, and I got to take a nap. Naps are the best.

The key I’ve found most helpful to use throughout a hectic lifestyle, is to make the best of each day we’re given. Honestly, I’m still working on controlling my anxiety when things don’t go myway. Today, I feel I’ve made a step toward that progression I seek.

Some great news to leave you with is that my foreign film shoot is definitely rescheduled! I’m excited to work with these guys who’ve traveled such a long way. It’s supposed to be a shoot for a comic series, and that’s pretty damn cool. I’m ready to be someone’s Superwoman any day!