5 Keys to a Quarantine (from an expert Introvert)

Spending all this time indoors is something I'm really good at. I'm used to being at home and making great use of my time from not only being someone who categorizes as an extreme introvert but from working for myself as well; both on this blog site, the shop and my private, online subscription site. Working from home has always been my jam. I love it, and I've made it work for me ever since I started working the web in 2017.

It's not easy to create your own schedule and stick to it. I can see that my own family members are having a tough time staying indoors and making the adjustments this pandemic has forced us to make. I keep telling my mom it's an art! You have to do things that work for you and be adamant about them. You have to be your own boss which is not a job description most people are comfortable with or even built for.

For me, it's an entire lifestyle. You have to adjust key details around your daily routine to achieve what you want in the 24 hours we all get. I'll list some of the ways I believe will get you through this time of social-distancing and leave you feeling accomplished. These keys should help you completely crush each day.

1. Set an Intention

Each day should have at least three things you want to accomplish in them. Take the time to write down what you want to get done the night before. When you're working from home, it's so easy to get distracted and do the nearest thing there is to do. With a physical list of non-negotiable tasks, you'll put more pressure on yourself to get them done throughout the day, no matter what. Three things may seem like a small amount but just watch and see how time flies when you've stopped to fold laundry in the middle of the day because it's staring you in the face.

2. Create a Comfy Schedule

Get out of your pajamas and into some comfy work clothes. Now, get shit done your way. I love working from home because I can spend time doing yoga in the morning for as long as I need before I jump into work; or whatever the hell I feel like doing before I jump into work, I can do it! You create the space you need to be as productive as possible. If you need to bake a cake in the morning to gain momentum, then do it with a smile on your face knowing you'll crush your work later on.

3. Make Virtual Connections

I know all introverts everywhere rejoiced to the tech gods when video-chat was introduced. Just because we've been told to practice social distancing doesn't mean we truly have to be distant. I like to call my friends and stay on FaceTime with them for hours on end just basking in their company. I'll prop the phone up and let them watch me and talk to me as if we're in the room together. You'd be surprised at how many different scenarios occur within an hour of a call. There's also Skype, Google Hangouts and plenty more video chat services out there.

I was recently cast in a SyFy series pilot, and instead of meeting for a table read this week, we're meeting over video conference via It's not what I would have preferred, but as a natural introvert, I celebrate any opportunity to wear sweatpants and still be social.

4. Get Your Workout On

Exercise is one of the main ways you can maintain a strong immune system. There are tons of at-home workouts available online. I have my favorite YouTube fitness channels categorized and ready to go. I also use the Nike Training Club app that features indoor workouts with video guides done by real personal trainers. Sometimes I go out for a walk around my neighborhood with my dog, and yoga is something I do every day. The possibilities are endless. We just have to do our best to get up and stay active when it's so tempting to stay put because you've been home all day.

5. Honor Your Time Off

Use this time to do the things you always wanted to do but "never had the time". Think of this time indoors as a gift. Read that book you haven't finished. Clean out the closet. I'm excited to work on the scrapbook of souvenirs from my travels that's been piling up. This storm won't last forever. What will you have to show for this time to yourself?

I want everyone to get through this with as much ease as peace as possible. That's really the only way. We can't allow the concept of mass hysteria to win. All is as it should be, and we got this.