On a beautiful journey, My Ivy Diary shares experiences, confessions, health care, and holistic lifestyle guides. Its purpose is to inspire a clean, healthy and whole lifestyle, for the liberated individual. 


The writer is an American actress hailing from the Southern charms of Atlanta GA. She began acting as a child when she starred in a national commercial for Nabisco. She took up acting full-time at 12 years old and has been a shining star in front of the camera ever since. In 2014, she turned heads upon diving into the adult film industry, breaking hearts all over the world with her signature elegant style. 


Before the naked fame, the writer was a college student studying business and journalism at Florida A&M University. After deciding to leave the school before her junior year, she came back home to Atlanta, open to a new world of possibilities.


She waited tables at Hooters Corporation of America, then later began dancing in the entrancing scene of Atlanta strip clubs. After only one year of life under the night club lights, Anya was introduced to adult films steering back toward her cinematic talent. 


Acting as porn actress for over five years has broadened the horizons of perception for Anya, becoming creatively involved in many different film productions, media campaigns, and travel ventures. Through her unique experiences, she’s become a skilled photographic artist, beauty ambassador, and sexual health advocate. 


“We’re all given a unique set of cards to deal in life. I’ll use mine to inspire generations.”