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Hey there, I'm Akilah and I'm on a beautiful journey in the world of entertainment. I've been known by the name, Anya Ivy. 

 My Ivy Diary shares experiences, confessions, health care and holistic lifestyle guides by me. My goal is to inspire a clean, healthy and whole lifestyle for the liberated individual. 

Anya Ivy 2020 Calendar


It's summertime! Time for beach trips and barbecues, short shorts and going sleeveless... So, as we push our cozy sweaters to the back of the closet and pull out the crop tops, we'll need to readjust our skincare routines to embrace the summer heat.

Sexy Summer SKIN

Revitalizing Cabin Retreat

These past few months I've been feeling like a mouse, trapped in a maze that has no exit. Caught up in the mundane day to day, going with the flow, seeking new motivation and rarely finding satisfaction, I was at a crossroads. ... Sometimes, all we need to do is to take a step outside of the spectrum.

Making Peace with Someone Who Doesn't Want It

Many of us have friends that come into our lives and stay in our hearts forever. Sometimes, those friendships are so intense and move so fast, that they only last a few years and are doomed to crash and burn.

An Actor's Guide To Keeping Your Shit Together

Even if you don't consider yourself an actor by trade, finding ways to stay afloat can make all the difference if you have to "perform" in life... there are many other factors that influence the mind of an actor; auditions, relationships, memorizing lines, constant critics, etc. There has to be a way to balance it all with grace.